Hi! I'm Shawn Durham and I sell the wonderful culinary miracles known as A Blend Above Gourmet Food Products! I offer these tasty dips at nearly a dozen home, garden, remodel and food shows and expos in the Mid-Atlantic region (DC, MD, VA, PA).

Here's my deal: I love people, and good food makes all of us happy. I get a blast handing people a handful of pretzels and watching their faces light up with delight as they sample our dips and indulge the big flavors. At shows, I dance, tell jokes and give customers tips how to use our dips in various ways in the kitchen (Besides, I have a Southern culinary background myself).

Problem is, I can't physically sell these dips everywhere, yet my customers always ask where they can buy more from me apart from expo season.

Which brings us here, at Shawn's A Blend Above. Here, I offer the same fantastic product at slightly lower prices, adjusted to absorb shipping costs (Free shipping after $30 spent!). Also, this site provides you with my A Blend Above tour dates so you can come visit my booth and taste new flavors! And soon, I will lend occasional food serving ideas and offer discounts to loyal customers.

I would love to visit all cities and towns everywhere, but I must serve my other passions. See, I am an actor in the Screen Actors' Guild, a writer, model, emcee of corporate and private events, and -- of course -- a licensed provider of A Blend Above's award-winning gourmetdips and spreads six years and counting. 

So follow me on Instagram and join our email lists and check in regularly for all my latest exploits with A Blend Above. I hope to chat it up with you digitally as I do when I meet and greet you in person. 

Thank you for patronage. And happy eating!